Our Location

Centrally located in Eastern Ontario, Brockville offers an ideal site for warehousing, logistics and 3PL operations.

Companies in Brockville enjoy a business-friendly political climate; an enthusiastic, well-trained workforce; reasonable labor rates; abundant and low-cost real estate.

Brockville is also perfectly located for easy access to major Canadian and US cities. Within hours of a number of international airports, railway lines and major highways, that will allow you to get your product moving quickly.

eastern warehouse close to major facilities

Airport Locations

We are perfectly located, for easy access to a number of International airports in Canada and the United States.

  • 29min (36.8km/22.8 miles) to Ogdensburg International Airport (US airport)
  • 1h 4min (97km/60.3 miles) to Watertown International Airport (US airport)
  • 1h 5min (102km/63.6 miles) to Ottawa International Airport (Canadian airport)
  • 1h 49min (190km/118 miles) to Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport (Canadian Airport)
  • 1h 55min (194km/121 miles) to Syracuse Hancock International Airport (US airport)
  • 2h 29min (206km/128 miles) to Griffiss International Airport (US airport)
  • 3h 18min (346km/215 miles) to Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canadian airport)

Border Locations

Located near 3 Canadian/US borders

  1. Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge:
    • Crossing to Ogdensburg (NY) from Johnstown (ON) via Hwy 16 Ontario / 37 US
  2. Thousand Island Crossing:
    • Crossing to Alexandria Bay(NY) from Landsdowne (ON) via Hwy 401/137 Ontario / I-81 US
  3. Cornwall Crossing:
    • Crossing to Massena (NY) from Cornwall (ON) via Hwy 138 Ontario / 37 US

Next Steps...

Should you have any questions or need advice moving your product in Eastern Ontario do not hesitate to contact us.